Toys R Us = Problems R Us?

2012 Holiday season seems to be a unhappy one with many of the big box retailer Toys R Us. Just visit their official Facebook page and you will thousands after thousands of angry and disgruntle consumers posting complaints about many issues ranging from horrible customer service, credit cards charged on out of stock items, advertised pricing not honored, coupons not honored, rude store employees and unprofessional store managers and many other complaints. The one trending comment by users is calling Toys R Us “Problems R Us”.

Could this year be a foundation to start a downward spiral for Toys R Us Retailer who also owns Babies R Us?

If this consumer trend continues the company could fall victim to bankruptcy or several store closings like so many other retail shops have had to do in past 3-4 years. You can’t continue to treat your customers in such a way and expect them to return to you business to buy products.

In my opinion, I haven’t bought anything from this retailer in many years despite all their advertising. I feel their prices have always been high at both Toys R Us & Babies R Us retail shops. I can always find the same items for 20-30% less at another retailer or on the internet. If you have had a bad experience with Toys R Us lately. take stroll to their and post a comment like consumers are doing about every 30 minutes. Just maybe Toys R Us will read it, but seems doubtful they will really care about your complaint.However, you will be joining a group of thousands of others who are very unhappy with this big box retailer.

RipoffReport: Floor and Decor Outlets

Have you purchased products from Floor and Decor Outlets of America? We have had a few readers ask us to post some pretty angry reviews about this company and they products they sell. In doing some initial research on the internet, It does seem they have made some people pretty angry. One website in which has several complaints posted is Now we have no opinion on the company and just posting this article as a relay of message to other consumers that might not be tech savy in researching on the web. One of the biggest competitors to this company is , Yea, I am sure you have seen them many times on HGTV. I know I have and just recently on that Design Star TV show. Also seems they have a store around every corner. My experience with them was good, I purchased last year some hardwood flooring at a great price. So if you had problems with this Floor and Decor Outlets company. It might be good idea to check out other reviews, your local and read the complaints posted on

Earn Easy Extra Cash Taking Paid Surveys

There are a lot of survey website on the internet that are scams and you never actually get paid for doing the surveys. Finally there is a reputable company that actually pays a fair market price for taking their offered surveys. Now, I’m not saying you can get rich quick by doing these surveys. However, you can make some quick easy income. sign up today for free and start getting surveys in your email to complete and earning some extra income.


Vice Presidential Debate 2012 Ryan vs Biden

Did you get a chance to watch the vice presidential debate last night Thursday October 11th, 2012. It was between democratic Joe Biden and Paul Ryan. It was like watching romper room in the 22nd century! Joe Biden might as well have the side job of being a clown.  During the debate he laugh and giggled so much and showed his pearly white teeth (His dentist should be proud! How many teeth whitenings did the american tax payers pay for?) If I had to sum it up on who won this debate it would with most certainty be Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan was professional and on point with issues and spoke exactly what American needs to hear about, No Apologies!  Joe Biden seem to have many excuses in his pocket about current issues. It appears Obama and his administration do nothing but give speeches on blaming someone or another organization for the problems or their stupid mistakes. The United States need true leadership that will take responsibility for their actions. Leadership to solve problems and not just simply laugh at them when being discussed. This is just more proof on how “OUT OF TOUCH” the Owebama administration is. They have had four long years… to make change, what change has their been? Are you better off than four years ago? Or are you worse off? If you are worse off than four years ago, do you want to vote for someone one who will take us another four years? What will you say in 2016? I made a mistake, I blame Obama for being deceived? It is time for American’s to wake up and listen to the facts and go out and vote and make a difference for yourself and all others. If your not registered to vote, it is not too late, register today and vote in November 2012.

Join Obama and be part of America's great failure!

It’s time for true Americans to wake up. Enough is enough. If you performed horrible at your job (if you have a job) your boss would fire you! I mean doesn’t the United States president get evaluated on job performance like the rest of us? Does he not understand We The People are his boss and he is OUR employee? Does he not understand we built this country and allowed him to take office and get all the perks of the job? He wants four more years to do what? Help USA… He can help by resigning. Do you want to be part of America’s great failure? Then go vote for this USA CEO that killing the America company as we know it. In many households across America many families have lost everything, had to make sacrifices, budget and live within their means and what money they have. Did Obama ? He do this in government or USA? No… Instead he took advantage of playing golf all the time, using tax payers money for Air Force One on all his lavish trips. It is time for CHANGE that is true, we the managers of USA need to fire the incompetent employee Obama from his position, interviews have taken place for someone new like Mitt Romney. Resign or be fired, terminate Mr. Obama. We have your replacement ready. Vote for Mitt Romney

Redbox Joins the Greedy Club – They are no longer $1


So your a big red box fan huh? You think its groovy and swell to run to the local red box and pick up a dvd with scratches and take it home for $1.00, Well have you heard the news they are raising their prices.. so they will no longer be just $1.00, up to $1.20 or $1.40 in places. They say this is because their banking credit card transaction fees increase and oh they haven’t done a price increase in 8 years, but reports of last quarter profits are through the roof, so to the people who have rented and made them a success so far they slap in the face with a price hike as such during a down economy when people can barely even buy a gallon of milk for their home. It will be interesting to see people’s shocked faces at the kiosks with the new pricing when especially the kisoks will probably still say $1 DVD rentals. Oh wait that will be next step to change pricing on all the kiosks, hmmn who will be paying for that expense? Think redbox will absorb that one? Why would they if they are making the customers who made the a big hit pay some little card transaction fee increase, Seems to me those fees should be just part of doing business using credit card transactions. Or just maybe its a redbox executive that needs to buy another yacht or has some extra Christmas spending they need to do. I use to think highly of redbox until this notice came out, I will not give into their game and pay a higher price. Maybe they should take a little less profits and keep customers loyal. Besides I can still go rent from blockbuster express kiosk for still $1.00

For more about this trash move that redbox has decided to do on their customers read about here.

Note: Redbox parent company Coinstar Inc. earned $37.1 million in last 3 months, last year they made $466 million, and well on the way to doubling that this year, unless we all stop renting because the price increase. They say they did a test in few cities and concluded that renting patterns wouldnt change so much, well maybe they need a BIG SLAP like netflix got, Its time to let these greed corporate companies know we are who pays their paychecks. But they think they can dictate our lives. WRONG, this si why their is the Occupy Movement!!

Back to watching movies online for free!!


Home Depot Lays Off Jobs and Moves Them Overseas

So it’s out… Home Depot an American made company, who’s success is the main result of American consumers… Is outsourcing jobs to another country like India to replace people they will lay off in the corporate headquarters in Vinnings, GA  quoting what one executive posted as a testimonial on the outsourcing company in India  “Really what I was looking for was the same thing at less cost.”

I find that so aggravating, Maybe there will come a day when that executive job will be outsourced to a kid in China with a china built macbook pro!

Maybe it’s just my opinion, but I am sickened by these huge US corporate companies who are only huge and successful because of the United States consumers and then they turn around like this and just add to the problems and the high unemployment rate. I myself after learning this news will absolutely refrain from buying one single item from Home Depot, I would rather pay an extra dollar at another competitor or mom and pop shop now. Why should I give my hard earned dollars to a company who is greedy and shipping jobs over seas. Just like with Apple, when I found out Steve Jobs died, I read more into Apple and learned how many jobs he authorized to ship off to China. I put my iphone on ebay and sold it. What would these companies do if all American boycotted their products and services because of outsourcing like Home Depot is doing, would they remain big corporate companies with deep pockets? absolutely not. This change is coming and any business that is behaving badly like this, it will come back to haunt you. So if you feel as I do and I am sure many others after knowing this will you continue to buy products and services from Home Depot? Leave your comments.

For additional information related to this article, read this news article covering the complete Home Depot Story here.

How to have a pimpin’ pumpkin party

This party theme is centered on the color of pumpkins in season, which is orange. To make party planning virtually hassle-free, you may choose to buy ready-made party invitations with pumpkin décor at you local arts n crafts store. Or you may opt to make your own, using an orange felt-tipped marker to write your information on the invitation in keeping with the orange theme, and pumpkin stickers or draw your own directly onto the card.

Ask everyone to dress in orange Halloween costumes, or you can ask him or her to come dressed as pumpkins. You may suggest other orange-themed costumes to keep variety and surprise in your nifty little party. After all, you wouldn’t want a roomful of pumpkin people bearing down at your doorway on Halloween night. Using an orange trash bag, you could suggest they come as a bag or autumn leaves, or maybe a carrot costume. How about covering themselves in Orange balloons and be a handful of orange M&M’s. One Halloween costume idea is to come as the Headless Horseman, using a pumpkin as a “head”. Or ask them to simply come as an orange fruit.

Establish the foundation for a memorable Halloween party by decorating the area leading up to your front door with the usual Halloween funfair and all the pertinent Halloween decorations befitting the occasion. You don’t have to make the setting too scary, after all what would a Halloween party be without a little fun and frolic?

For an unexpected twist, you could make your own “Decomposing” Pumpkin décor. You will need to carve out one hefty-sized pumpkin in the desired face pattern. Dip a paintbrush or toothbrush in some black paint or food coloring and splatter it along the pumpkin, both inside and out. Repeat the same process with a green paint or food coloring making sure the pumpkin achieves a moldy greenish appearance. Let the color air-dry and for a final touch, place gummy worms in and around the pumpkin.

Make sure some look like they’re “crawling” out around the openings to make it more gross and rotting. Stick to predominantly orange and black color scheme. Ornamentation such as banners and balloons should be strategically scattered around the area to complement the holiday theme. Whatever decorations you may choose to go with, make sure they’re simple, disposable, and safe.

Food is an important part of any party. If you are inviting a variety of different people have several different types of food so no ones goes hungry. When you set up your serving table, prepare it so guests can eat buffet style. Cover your furniture with a Halloween-themed cloth, and put a pumpkin centerpiece in the middle of the table. Turning simple party food into ghoulish culinary delights will surprise and please your guests. Remember, the food is part of your overall presentation.

While games and activities are always fun to play at parties, you should space them out accordingly. You should have a couple of ice-breakers first if your guests don’t know each other. Any game where you can break people off into teams will help to get everyone talking. Pumpkin carving contests are always a good idea, and make sure you have lots of prizes to spare.

Plan On Buying A Fixer-Upper Home – Read These Tips

Everyone wants to get value for their money. Today, you can’t afford to make wrong decisions especially when it involves large amounts of money. Today, it really pays to be smart.

One of the best ways to get a reasonable buy, especially with real estate concerns, is to get a fixer-upper house. It may require some repairs and refurbishments, but if you know the right way and the helpful tips in buying a fixer-upper; big amounts of savings can be earned!

Tips On Buying The Fixer-Upper Home –  Be Educated

1. Do good search. There are many choices out there. Ideally, with the number of houses available for sale in most neighborhoods today, you should at least survey from 10 to 15 houses.

2. It is best to scout out nice neighborhoods and watch out for some available houses. Don’t settle on what will do. Keep looking until the right one is found.

3. Pick a property in the geographic location that will be most convenient for the whole family.

If it is near the office, school of the kids or sports and recreational areas, then the property is definitely a good buy or investment because the location serves a long-term purpose for the needs and wants of the family.

4. Once a certain property catches the eye, have it inspected by a professional. It is best to know the actual status of the house, not only the aesthetics by the actual foundations or roofing. This shall give a good estimate if the fixer-upper home will be a reasonable buy.

5. Check out also on the other details that may eventually turn out as problems if not addressed right away.

Is there a good plumbing system? Are the wirings fine? Is the furnace working? Are there pests or mites that you need to get rid off?

6. If possible, target the properties that will require only minimum repairs. These are the types that only need new paint, new carpeting or tiling.

7. Have the surveyed properties appraised. Evaluate the values. Ask also for a good estimate of the probable price of the fixer-upper homes after the repairs, especially for those considering it as an investment.


There is no reason to fear buying a fixer-upper home. With these helpful tips given above, a reasonable buy is sure to be made. Use these tips to get the fixer-upper house that might turn out to be the home of the family or a profitable investment.

American Value Grocery Vouchers – Beware/Scam

So you are probably visiting this page because you maybe heard a radio advertisment talking about how you could get $2,000.00 worth of grocery vouchers to use at any of your favorite grocery stores, correct?

I heard this same radio commercial and now can express my opinion and review of what I experienced, what I received and my valuable thoughts.

So, I heard the radio commercial and thought, wow… my family could use $2000 in vouchers for free food, who couldn’t!! So I called the number, rep answered immediately! He explained they were looking for consumers to participate in this program and would need some information from me to see if I was eligible. He took my name, address, city, state & zip code, and phone number. He put me on hold and came back on the line and express congratulations you are eligible for the program in your area because we currently do not have anyone participating in the program in your area.

He then begun to explain how I would receive $2000 worth in vouchers to use at any grocery of my choosing in my area. I was also going to get an additional $500 worth in vouchers fro groceries and a Gas card worth $50. He explained it was a program that was to monitor consumer grocery shopping habits and it also being conducted by the government.. He said the program is free, but cost $19.95 to ship out the $2000 grocery voucher, additional $500 grocery voucher and $50.00 gas card. This guy totally convinced me on the phone it was legit, So I reluctantly agreed, He then asked for credit card number! I proceeded to give, he said it was approved and then he begun offering all these other programs ranging from $15.00 to $30.00 each, and the famous words.. you have free trials on all for 30 days if your not happy.. you can cancel.. blah blah blah.. (they prey upon people who will forget and then charge them these stupid monthly fees.

So i declined all the additional offers he tried to upsell me on and insisted I was only interested in the FREE $2000.00 in grocery vouchers as like the radio ad stated. He thanked me and said bye and said I should be receiving my vouchers in the mail soon.

When I got on home, like you.. I got on the internet to researched if I just got scammed.. after reading several post like the one I’m writing now, I felt stupid and completely scammed of $19.95. I immediately called the customer service number the guy provided and said I wanted to cancel, The lady I spoke to was rude, hatefull and said she could not refund me and would have to wait until I received the package in the mail. Fine, as usually with companies like this “customer No service”.  The next day I went to my bank and canceled my visa card number and explained it had been lost and to issue me a new number and cancel the old number. I also stated I did not authorize the recent $19.95 charge to my card and that was already posted on my account.

About 5 days later, I received in the mail their package with not $19.95 postage stamp, but a cheap o $0.64 cent stamp. The small envelope contained:

1. American Value Grocery Welcome letter (see scanned copy here)

2. American Value Grocery Voucher benefit Access card (see scanned copies – Front SideBack Side)

3. The $50.00 Gas card  (see scanned copies here – Front SideBack Side)

I marked out any registration numbers that were stamped on the above cards.

If you have viewed the above items, You will see exactly what i received in the mailed envelope with a $0.64 stamp.

I basically got tricked into paying $19.95 to have some access cards sent to me allowing me access to a coupon website to print out grocery coupons possibly worth $2000.00, No grocery vouchers to simply use as payment at a grocery store as the radio ad suggested and the rep on the phone suggested. Additionally there is no gas card, you have to fill out a bunch of forms to receive (2) $25.00 gas rebated but only after you spend something like $150.00 on god knows whatever other scams they want to trick you into.

so if your here looking for information on American Value Groceries, the above is my experience and my opinion to you is to stay away from this scam, If you have already paid for it, call the customer service or billing support numbers listed on the above scanned images and request a refund. I would also suggest you change your credit card number if all possible, cause there is no telling what the scammers will do with the payment information and personal information you have provided to them.

additional resources or reviews here.

Feel free to comment below!!